Nutt’s Corner Henshed’s Autotest 28-02-15

A good days autotest apart from the weather which never seems to be kind to us at the Nutts Corner site. Tests were flowing and the 27 competitors completed 3 tests 3 times each. I don’t think the timekeepers could have taken another run at each test standing in the rain. Thank you to the Marshalls and timekeepers, Carol for results, Laura for printing the test diagrams, John for CoC, Gordon for drawing the tests, Ashley and George for running the tutorial beforehand and the site owners. Well done to Ashley to won overall, just over 15s ahead of second place Paul Blair.

MGCC Ulster Centre Nutts Corner Top 5:

1. Ashley Lamont
2. Paul Blair
3. Paul Lowther
4. George McMillan
5. Richard Earney

Next Event : Autotest, Delamont 14th March 2015

Results : Nutts Corner 28-02-15 Results

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