Simon and Sandra Johnston's delightful MG J2 at the Brewery

There are some photos of the event on our Gallery. This can be located by selecting the “Gallery” tab above and then finding the file entitled “Nosh n’ Natter 2017”

The Noggin n’ Natter has now become a relic of the past because of the drink/driving laws and the application of some common sense and social responsibility. Quite right too but, in another way, a bit of a pity because they were certainly good fun events and now just part of MGCC history.

The good news is that some resourceful person has come up with a modern alcohol free alternative for the driver, the Nosh n’Natter. A good excuse for meeting up with like minded friends and aquaintances to discuss anything ranging from MG cars, Donald Trump, Brexit, Theresa May’s legs or maybe even Donald Trump’s legs.

We met at the Hilden Brewery, Lisburn at lunchtime on Wednesday 29th March 2017. There was a terrific buzz from the very start in the Tap Room of the Hilden Brewery with no shortage of chat and it was great to see a number of MG Friends we do not get the chance to see very often.

After lunch, a group took the Brewery tour. We learned about the different types of barley and the quantity of hops used to create variable flavours, colours and strength of beers brewed at Hilden. It is a small brewery that has invested heavily in modern equipment to produce beers (mostly bottled) of a quantity, quality and consistency to be able to compete with the brewing giants. The tour included a free pint of beer and this led to a decision between Belfast Blonde, Headless Dog, Bucks Head or Twisted Hop. The Dog won and very nice it was too.

There is  undoubtedly a palpable common bond between those present. Yes, most were of a certain age group with many decades of experience in common and yes, we all love MG Cars but there is something else. We share MG values, an intangible belief in doing the right thing and helping each other. In other words, the Marque of Friendship. May it always continue.