My apologies for the delay in putting up a report on this event at Moore Concrete on 25th February as I was at Race Retro in Coventry and am only now catching up.

I am also awaiting the arrival of some photos of the event and these will be posted as soon as possible. (Featured photo, courtesy of Vanessa Eakin, is Noel Cochrane/Trevor Reid on the DWT 2017)

In the meantime, here are the results of the event which included some of our fastest competitors and, I am told, produced a very high standard of autotest driving: Copy of Results Moores

Congratulations to Paul Blair for winning overall in his Stryker, from Ashley Lamont in his re-engined Westfield. Third was Mark King in the Nova. Fastest MG, albeit in Atlantis format with a Ford engine, was Simon Brien, just ahead of son Jack. Noel Cochrane was forced to retire his Midget.

Finally, well done Stephen Dawson for taking charge of the running of this event and for the tests that have provided a first class response from competitors.