A selection of cars taking part at the Dubshed Demo

The Ulster Centre had a terrific afternoon’s fun recently,  being involved in  a demonstration tandem autotest at the Dubshed car show at the Eikon Centre on Sunday 9th April.

On the Saturday it was the turn of the championship competitors to show how it’s done. On Sunday, it was more of a mix of championship experts and clubmen.

All in all it was a great display of skills that drew large crowds once the tyre squeal started.

Thanks to all who came and gave up their fuel and tyre rubber to put on such a good show. Thanks also to Malcolm McQueen and George McMillen for setting it up and to Mark King who also helped out on the microphone.

In our ‘Gallery’ page, there are a number of fairly random photos of the action on the Sunday, showing some of the competitors in action and, of course, some of the display vehicles at Dubshed. Have a look at the file entitled ‘Dubshed Autotest Demo’ (it is not in chronological order).