Congratulations to Andrew Earney in the lightweight Mini for a convincing win in the June evening autotest event.

 The tests were indeed testing with both open and tight sections and with surfaces varying from grippy tarmac to loose ‘marbles ‘.

Test 1 was a prime example of varying surfaces. From a meandering start, nose throw and wiggle woggle, there followed a fast tail throw into a box and a circling of the box with the car threatening all the time to break away. A good test of car control indeed.

The 2nd Test contained a couple of tail throws to be carried out in very different ways and a flowing finale of nose throw into two 360’s and a tight turn left over the finish. This was, in effect, the technical test.

The 3rd Test was simple to remember but called upon skill to carry out 3 tail throws in different ways. But the final trick was to get stopped at the finish and a number of drivers found themselves sailing on into the left side pylon over the marbles that made caution a very wise idea indeed.

As said, Andrew Earney called upon his recent championship experience to blow away the field. No one even came close.

Runner up was Gordon Buckley in the roadgoing Midget, from Jimmy Dougan in the Nova Special  

Well done to them and to the class winners who were as follows:

Class 4 & 1st MG – Gordon Buckley (Midget)

Class 5 – Robert Haslett (Yaris)

Class 6 – Bruce Carson (MX5)

Class 7 – Jimmy Dougan (Nova) (in lieu of overall winner)

A great night at Dundrod  Thanks to our fantastic marshals who stood out in cold temperatures so others could compete. Massive thanks to Stephen Dawson who, as always set up the test site, ably assisted also as always, by Trevor Reid and, of course, to Carol who took care of all the admin and results.

Our thanks also to caterers “Barn ‘n Bread” who provided us with excellent food throughout the evening  

Finally, thanks too for your entries. We hope you had a good evening.