MK1/ Frogeye Sprite, Job lot of leftover parts for sale.


1098 Engine complete with flywheel and good clutch. Good oil pressure, but a bit rattly. (Timing chain?)

Smoothcase gearbox. Very good, quiet and smooth changes.

Twin 1 ¼ inch SU carbs and manifold.

Two Lucas distributors, the original DM2 and a later 25D.

12G940 (1275) cylinder head, ported, but slight porousity in one port. Complete with valves, springs etc.

AEG 523 Standard 1275 camshaft, good.

Rev counter, cable drive, plus new cable. MK2 Sprite/MK1 Midget.

Heater box complete, but needs to be restored.

Front heater intake Splash Plate plus support bracket.

Early door lock/handle with straight lever. Very good.

3 Front wishbone pans with pins, bushes and anti roll bar fittings.

2 Front hubs, drum brakes and kingpin assemblies, good, but grubby.

2 rear lever arm shock absorbers.

2 windscreen wipers, arms and gearboxes.


£400.00 for everything. ono.

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